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Student courses online und in person in Frankfurt

Budget appropriate prices at the highest academic level. You know...

We accompany you before, during and after your studies...

Choose the language relevant for your study purposes and come to us, in exotic languages best with other interested parties and the teacher in the luggage, which we hire for you, because he is your neighbor.

Courses are available in the standard languages German as a Foreign Language, English, French, Italian and Spanish. Online it costs only one third: 100 euros per level (for example, Italian A1.1 online 100 euros).

In our classroom courses in Frankfurt am Main, we have study-accompanying courses that take place once a week (eg A1 from 60 Euro / month in small groups) or three-month courses in which we create half a level according to the common European reference framework (eg B1 from 90 Euro) / Month in large groups).

Specialist languages according to your field of study or Latin and Ancient Greek are also part of our offer, but in a slightly more expensive segment, as they are only bookable in private mode for the time being, you will get to your destination faster and more effectively. Please inquire in writing or by phone.





Offer May 2019:

DSH, mündliche Prüfungsvorbereitung  im Kleingruppenkurs, minimum 3 Kursteilnehmer, Halb-Tages-Seminar, intensiv in Frankfurt mit live online Optin-Möglichkeit, Kursgebühren: 80 Euro, Datum: 18.5.19, 9.00-12.00 Uhr, schriftliche Prüfungsvorbereitung am selben Tag, 80 Euro, 12.45-16.00 Uhr.

Eine Vorbereitung für den Aufnahmetest oder die Feststellungsprüfung am Studienkolleg Frankfurt kann individuell vereinbart werden, Kosten für 5 Termine :400 Euro.

Dates for the exams at the Goethe University of Frankfurt:

27. and 29.05.19                  oral DSH-exam

29.06.19                                written DSH-exam 

11.-12.07.19                          oral DSH-Prüfung


29.05.– 04.06.19                  Schriftliche Feststellungsprüfung

29.06.19                                Aufnahmetest zum WS 19/20

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