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Übrigens: Wir lieben Wikipedia.

Wenn Sie auf eine der ersten sechs Sprachen klicken, können Sie auch darin lesen, was es mit ihr auf sich hat. super interessant, wir lernen nämlich nie aus und jeden Tag etwas Neues dazu.

Languages We Offer

Germany speaks German

and a thousand other languages

We try to help other people with our German lessons to communicate with German-speaking people, but we should not forget that we as modern Europeans should speak at least two other foreign languages ​​and thus communicate with people of foreign origin. Learning a language also keeps the memory up and can be a particularly nice hobby during the cold season. Try it out or improve your existing language skills and understand foreign cultures and their people better.

If the language you are looking for is not there, just ask us: Our language offer is expandable on request! Ancient Greek and Latin, for example, are beneficial for doctors and other professions. But also Serbian and Turkish are relatively easy to learn languages.

If you feel like it, you can help to enlarge the offer and create a job for us or others ...

We also offer learners' native language for certain languages ​​other than the support language English. For example, Greeks who learn German will receive help in Greek from us if it is a national and not an international course. Germans who want to learn Serbian get help in German and so on.

With us, any language can be learned as a foreign or second language. For example, a second language may require bilingual children or adults who have never learned their native language because you grew up in Germany or another country.

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