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Exams and Certificates

We prepare for any language exam that is currently available from different institutions or providers. Whether you study in America, England or Germany, whether you have a higher position in the company, whether you want to have a certificate for yourself or need one to be naturalized in a country .... with a language certificate you open Doors for your future or career. According to the European reference framework, every level, starting from A1 up to the highest level C2, attests to your language skills. Let us advise you by appointment, which language certificate is suitable for you and book a suitable course with us.

Recognized Language Certificates 



English                  BRITISH COUNCIL (YLE, KET, PET, First, CPE, BULLATS, BEC, IELTS)


                                        Michigan Examinations  (BCCE, ECCE, ALCE, ECPE, TOEIC)



                                        CITY & GUILDS (PRELIMINARY A1, ACCESS A2, ACHIEVER B1, COMMUNICATOR B2, EXPERT C1,                                                       MASTERY C2)


                                        EDI ( JETSET 1-7/ A1-C2

                                        London Chamber of Commerce (LCCI)

                                        Greek State Language Certificate ΚΠΓ Α1-C1


German           Goethe Institut (Fit 1/2, Certificate B1 / B2 / C1 / C2, Test DaF)


                          ÖSD A1-C2


                          TELC A1-C2


                          DSH, UNIcert (only in universities)

                          State Language Certificate KPG Α1-C1 (only in Greece)

French             FRENCH INSTITUTE (DELF A1-B2, DALF C1-C2)


                         TELC (A1-B2)


                         State Language Certificate KPG Α1-C1 (only in Greece)



Spanish                     CERVANTES ( DELE: A1, A2, INITIAL B1, INTERMEDIATE B2, SUPERIOR C1)


                                         TELC (A1-B2)


                                         State Language Certificate KPG Α1-C1 (only in Greece)




                                         CILS A1-C2


                                         TELC (A1-B2)


                                         State Language Certificate KPG Α1-C1 (only in Greece)

Greek                      Centre of Greek Language Thessaloniki (A1-C2), Graecum

Latin                   small and large Latinum


Τürkisch            TELC (A1-C2)


Portuguese        TELC (B1)


Polish                    TELC (B1-B2)


Arabic                   TELC (B1)


Chinese                  HSKI 1-6)

Russian                  TRKI 






According to the Common European Framework (CEF), level B1 demonstrates medium language skills, the B2 level good and the C level very good language skills.

Meanwhile, good to very good knowledge of a language is expected in the job. For the approval of physicians in Germany you need at least a B2 level and for the university the level C1-C2, depending on the field of study.



A1 and A2: elementary language usage
B1 and B2: Self-employed
C1 and C2: competent language use

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