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Adult Courses

In our exciting, designed under experiential educational courses in the language school langolerta you learn successfully a language, including intercultural coaching, phonetics and exam preparation.

from 150 Euro / month in the whole-year course from September or from 243 Euro / month in the three-month course (beginning of course always September, January, March)

We also offer distance education, such as our online live lessons in a digital classroom with artifacts or one to one teaching via videoconference rooms like Skype including interactive exercises and shared desktop.

Furthermore, you can use our language seminar speak & go, so as not to lose contact with the acquired language, e.g. after obtaining a language diploma or after a learning break or to strengthen your oral expression (also in private mode via Skype in combination with shared desktop selectable).

You can also take part in  classroom courses in Frankfurt or Thessaloniki or on time-saving digital language courses from the comfort of your own home.

Or take part in our intensive courses in small groups. You are four weeks (15 lessons / week)

and start at the beginning of each month. (For the time being only in German, English or French and Level B1.1)

Course fees 1500 Euro in total.

Our educational leave in small groups is one week (40 lessons / week).

For now only in German, English or French and at level B2.1.

Course fees 1000 Euro in total.

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